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I always believe in learning more to achieve more. Here are some links to important websites which provide answers and guidance on the topics dealt by this website. The more you got to know them, the better...

The development of kaftans over the centuries.

What is Batik?

How to do tie dye?

What are lists of solid colors which are visible to the human eye?

The history of cotton as a mankind clothing fabric. 

What is the importance of clothing and fashion to civilization?

What is the difference between silk and cotton?

Where are the 24 best island beaches in the world?

An overview of casual wear in the western society.

How is a kaftan different from a robe or a tunic?

What is the history of kaftan in the western world?

Ia takchita is a variant of the kaftan?

How old is the art of batik?

What different cultures practices batik making and what are their differences?

How old is the kaftan?

I hope this page gets to quench some of your curiosities and make your life a bit tad richer today. Greetings from myself to you... love yourself more and enjoy! Cheers!

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