women tunic tops

Women tunic tops

Women tunic tops has been around for some time. Replacing the long dress, the women tunic top is an alternative for a more active lifestyle. Usually worn with a pair of pants, women tunic tops are generally the precursor of shirts or t-shirts. Many associate the women tunic top with pochos of the South American highlands. Images of poncho wearing women riding donkey on a dirt road is not the most fashionable way to represent women tunic tops. Gradually, these images take an effect on the fashion scene and suddenly everybody wants to go tribal and wear these tunic tops or ponchos. Fashionable women tunic tops produced with lighter fabric and printed with modern representation of fashion and taste lifts the status of the women tunic tops high above the fashion ground into the atmosphere. And what we have today is a rendering of that fashion sense invading our everyday lives, which is not that bad.

Casual women tunic tops

The good thing about the women tunic tops is its practicality. One can wear a tunic top in less that 5 seconds without the effort of fitting into the attire. Women tunic tops are suitable for office wear, visiting loved ones, stroll at the park, to a date, and even to the prom. Best women tunic tops carries some qualities which is quite universal as the tunic themselves are designed to have one common purpose, to cover the upper part of the body. The differences may come in the form of color, pattern, motifs, neck style, and some women tunic tops have fringes for that added value. Plenty of space for the body trunk to move and breath, the women tunic top gives the ultimate experience in socializing with people. Feeling comfortable and relaxed, the mind can now focus on the relationship rather than outer physical appearance. There are many instances that the women tunic top is the garment of choice when going to a party or a social gathering or event. And this happens again and again, after the women tunic top wearer receives compliments and facilitations regarding her cheerful appearance and positive aura surrounding her. Try it yourself, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

When we look at the characteristics of a  women tunic top, we can’t help but to notice the large sleeves. There is a particular reason for this. Originally, these women tunic tops are used in farming by the peasants and these wide batwing sleeves are useful to get the perspiration flowing and cools the body much more effectively. Moreover, the women tunic tops are designed in such a way that you can actually experience the flow of air in windy climates. The fluttering sleeves of a women tunic top will make you feel like you have the whole world in your hands and this will make you happy. This phenomena is usually reported mainly at windy places such the beach and mountain hilltops. In short, the women kaftan top is the best garment to stock if you’re thinking of going to a vacation trip.

Here is a women tunic top from our women tunic tops collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

women tunic tops

Women tunic tops measurements and details:

Bust: 195 cm / 70 inches

Waist: 195 cm / 70 inches

Length: 89 cm / 35 inches from neck to bottom.

Material: Rayon polyester mix

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Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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