women kaftans

Women kaftans

Women kaftans has evolved throughout the centuries as the most epic kind of garment ever worn by human civilization. Such is the esteem of the women kaftans that they were once worn in royal kingdoms and elites of the region. Until recent times, the women kaftans has been the typical garment for women worldwide albeit with different variations. A long flowy attire, it reflects modesty and chastity of a women and usually comes in different grades and types. There are women kaftans which are worn casually in the house, to important functions such as wedding or religious obligations and leisure women kaftans are worn to the beach or while outings in the gardens and parks. There are high taste, expensive women kaftans specially worn to royal events and elite gatherings. In some time of the long forgotten age, women kaftans also serve as a link to class and social position of the owner.

Women kaftans dresses

In these modern times, women kaftans are usually used in everyday routines. With the popularity of shirt and short pair, relatively fewer women prefer kaftans as their daily attire. However, some women have started to realize the comfort of women kaftans and begin to collect a huge collection of beautiful women kaftans. Available women kaftans on the internet usually have floral motifs, patterns of modern taste, batik art and even simple plain colored kaftans. The best thing about these women kaftans are they are easy to wear, just simply slip your head in the neck hole and you’re done. No zipping, buttoning, tying knots or even clipping is required to wear these women kaftans. Compared to the past century kaftans which are more elaborate and complex to wear with adornments and embellishments fit for a costume party in Shakespeare’s Inn, these modern women kaftans are easy peasy to wear and enjoy.

How about the care of women kaftans in these modern times? Well, the fabric used to make these women kaftans are more or less the same as other garments. Thanks to the advancement of the textile industry, good fibres namely viscose, rayon, cotton, microfibre and even silk is easily accessible to make women kaftans. Use hand washing the first few times and machine wash afterwards is recommended to preserve the prints and patterns of the women kaftan. Medium ironing or iron the women kaftans with recommended settings by the ironing manual. By toe lining these simple care tips, you can be sure to have a longer lasting kaftan for your enjoyment.

Although women kaftans are preferred by elderly women, younger women have shown tendencies to use these kaftans. Many of the younger generation relate women kaftans to being boring, dull, and elderly. But recently, the trend indicates more younger individuals take women kaftans as their primary garment of choice at the pool and beach as a coverup, in the house as sleepwear and some of them even wear women kaftans to their dance classes and sorority parties. This shift of fashion taste is said to be influenced by the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s, and with the world at war today, this fashion taste reminisce the lifestyle and fashion of the Nixon years.

Here is a women kaftans from our women kaftans collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

women kaftans

Women kaftan measurements and details:

Bust 180cm / 72"

Waist 180cm / 72"

Hip 180cm / 72"

Length 137cm / 54" from neck to bottom. 

Material: Polyester Rayon mix

A free size women kaftans dress for sale.

Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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