silk kaftans

Silk kaftans

Silk kaftans has been used as a luxury item for about how many centuries. This luxurious business went to become an industry and became very famous in the near east and Europe via the silk road. So precious was the garments made of silk that it is said that in the middle ages silk is worth more than the equal weight of gold. One can imagine this happening as most well-to-do society in those days had wardrobes of silk garments including silk kaftans , leggings, tunics and other medieval accessories. 

Women silk kaftans

Feeling the smooth and fabric engulfing you when you wear a women silk kaftan is an experience to remember. This particular fabric once restricted only for the women and ladies of royalties and elites has now become available thanks to the technology and modernization surrounding the industry. Although much of the silk kaftans fabrics used are a mix of silk and other quality fabrics but the bulk of the fabric is still the silk. Apart from silk kaftans, there are also other kaftans for sale. But our silk kaftans are of high quality with professional sewing methods suitable for your daily needs or for any special occasion. As a provider of silk kaftans online,we are proud to bring you this collection of party silk kaftans, weddings silk kaftans, outing silk kaftans and for other functions. Free shipping for our ladies silk caftans kaftans dresses to destination within UK, even to NZ, Australia, USA and other worldwide destination. Make these silk kaftans a part of your wardrobe collection today.

silk kaftans

Silk kaftans measurements and details

Silk kaftans dress material: Silk Mixes.

Bust 72"

Waist 72"

Hip 72"

Length 54" from neck to bottom. 

A free size silk kaftans dress for sale.

Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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