party tops

Party tops

Party tops are great wear in the sense they make you party harder than a boring t-shirt or casual blouse. The design of a party top itself is important to give the party goer self confidence and high self esteem. Party tops should satisfy several criteria for the best party experience. Some women prefer to have their party tops in striking colors as these shades give a more aggressive look and will help influence their mood while partying. In some research, it is reported that the color of your party tops can attract like minded party animals or partners. Just choose the right colors or the color of your liking for your party tops and get ready for some fun adventure in the house!

Designer party tops

Most designer party tops created by designer houses tend to have really exquisite designs and patterns. And these party top pieces comes with a hefty price tag too, rest assured. For the average party lover, a simple party top would be sufficient although there is this price range choices on have to take care of. Choose a party top which have the most outrageous pattern or rare motifs and you’ll have your friends betting their top dollars that your party top is a designer party top. Basically, the more sophisticated the party top, your friends would look up to you and congratulate you for having made the right choice for a party top.

Most party tops are worn by women in the 20s and 30s range while older ladies tend to prefer blouses and tank tops to the party. This can be explained by the types of parties they go to. For example, younger revellers choose batwing party tops with sophisticated pattern to go to the clubs and dance floors while the elders might want to wear something more conservative to their neighbours’ lawn party in the evening. Any party tops you choose should help you reflect your inner feelings and most importantly help you earn more fun during your experience at the event.

In the past, party tops usually have the styles of modified t-shirt and comes in the form of short blouses and tunics. But recently the emerging trend is to have an oversized party top with three quarter sleeves. This might be the effect of more rigorous party activities which requires more space within the party tops for movement and perspiration. It would not be fashionable or profitable when you have a tight clad, sweat drenched, torned up party tops at the end of each party. Hence the recommendation by fashionistas are to find these party tops which plays an important role in the party society and gets them going harder and badder every time.

Here is a party top from our party tops collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

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Party tops measurements and details:

Bust: 195 cm / 70 inches

Waist: 195 cm / 70 inches

Length: 89 cm / 35 inches from neck to bottom.

Material: Rayon polyester mix

A free size party top for sale.

Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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