dressing gowns

Dressing Gowns

The dressing gown is a piece of garment which is usually used after a shower or a bath. Nevertheless, it is also used when going to the pool or relaxing at the living room after a long day at the office. The dressing gown is made of the word "dressing" which denotes the time before a person is dressed up or in the process of getting dressed. And "gown" refers to the shape of the dressing gown which is akin to a gown - long and full length. The dressing gown can also be said as the western world answer to the Japanese kimono.

Dressing gowns kaftan style

Some women prefer dressing gowns kaftan style. What this means is the dressing gown has no sleeves and no waist tie ups. A kaftan is usually worn like a t-shirt and is more roomy and floaty compared to the traditional dressing gowns. This creates an advantage for these particular dressing gown kaftans as the give more space within the dressing gown and this gives the impression or feel that the wearer is not wearing anything. Dressing gown kaftans style became popular after the advent of tropical states fashion namely from Hawaii and the caribbean where the wear kaftans as their daily attire due to the tropical weather.

Dressing gowns kaftan style has many advantages compared to the original dressing gown architecture. They don’t require a tie up to cover the front of the body which can be troublesome if a person has a bad case of arthritis. Just sweep the neck hole up your head and you’re done for the rest of the day. The dressing gowns kaftan style also can be made as a sleepwear. Compared to the original dressing gowns, these kaftan style dressing gowns have much lighter texture and weight, making them an ideal wear around the house or to sleep.

Today, dressing gowns are worn by women and men. Traditionally, in the past, dressing gowns are exclusively worn by women and the men will be happy enough to just wrap a towel around his waist when getting out of the bathroom. But with the advancement of fashion and attire commercialization, we can see many men adorn these dressing gowns as it is fashionable especially during vacation or a cruise outing. Dressing gowns have certainly made its way far from its humble beginnings with many styles and creations to suit the needs of patron worldwide.

Here is a dressing gown from our dressing gowns collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

dressing gowns

Dressing gown measurements and details:

Bust 180cm / 72"

Waist 180cm / 72"

Hip 180cm / 72"

Length 137cm / 54" from neck to bottom. 

Material: Polyester Rayon mix

A free size dressing gown for sale.

Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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