beach kaftans

Beach kaftans

Beach kaftans are fun to wear as they hold the key to many functions. Apart from being a beautiful long flowy dress which is lightweight and easy to wear, the beach kaftan also can act as a bikini cover up. After a cool dip in the sea or the pool, putting a beach kaftan on would warm you up in a jiffy. Unless you want a tan on your body, beach kaftans are the best to protect your skin from the sun. Beach kaftans usually are bright colored and carry with them beach themed prints such as sea shells, fishes, turtles, starfishes and other beach stuffs. There are beach kaftans which comes with modern stripes patterns and not so conservative pictures usually associated with beaches but its all good fun and enjoyment.

Fun beach kaftans

The beach kaftans can come in two forms, long and short. Usually the short beach kaftans is called the beach kaftan top. Usually these types have fringes to make the look more fashionable. The long beach kaftans however doesn’t have these fringes to avoid tripping or getting trapped in some beach structure. Beach kaftans are best worn in summer and fall as the sun is stronger in summer and in fall the cool chilly winds starts to blow. Although providing a minimal level of protection from the sun and cool winds, the beach kaftans nevertheless is found to be fashionable and comfortable to wear after a good dip into the sea. And if you’re on a cruiseship, beach kaftans can help you to relax and unwind while enjoying the seaview with the breeze coming through your body. Such is the design of the beach kaftans, allowing tremendous amount of airflow, making you unaware of the time passing by.

While the beach kaftans are designed to be worn at the beach, one can make it an everyday attire, especially if she is living in the tropics region. Hot summer weather would go hand in hand with beach kaftans. In fact, similar beach kaftans are worn everyday in some countries such as Brazil, central Africa and Bali. With local fashion flavors, these beach kaftans come in striking color with local art and fashion sense, adding to the exciting culture and livelihood of the respective regions. In some areas, beach kaftans are also worn when preparing for important ceremonies such as engagements, weddings, potluck parties and even tribal parties. Maybe the colors and prints on the beach kaftans vary, but the function is always to accommodate the best way of life in these warmer parts of the world.

Having a beach kaftan in your wardrobe is never a bad idea. The least you can do with it is to wear it to sleep while covering yourself up. It feels like you’re not wearing anything under the sheets while sleeping and if there is a need to wake up, you won’t need to look around to change into a proper clothing. Another thing is the beach kaftans is convenient if you have surprise guests coming to your house. Just put some fashion jewelry necklace and a Jane Fonda headband, and you’re set to be the most fashionable host they have ever known in their lives. Which brings us to the fact that beach kaftans are truly the most versatile garment there is known to women. Men can try it too, but to a different effect.

Here is a beach kaftan from our beach kaftans collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

beach kaftans

Beach kaftans measurements and details:

Bust: 195 cm / 70 inches

Waist: 195 cm / 70 inches

Length: 89 cm / 35 inches from neck to bottom.

Material: Soft Rayon 

A free size beach kaftan for sale.

Recommend wash using cold water. Dry cleaning is the best.


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