Bali kaftans

Bali kaftans

Bali kaftans are exquisite, rare and exotic. Just when you though you saw everything, Bali kaftans astounds you with the unique batik magic and absolutely beautiful tribal motifs. Its a wonder how such a pretty garment can be constructed from such exceptional piece of art. 

Exquisite Bali kaftans

Whether a woman is working or would go to college, these Bali kaftans are available for her needs. There have been a number of Bali kaftans readily available for women in Bali online. They are the real deal, like a celebrity inside a gorgeous indian sari or look pretty within their sarong clad batik skirts. However the best is the Bali kaftans which is present in almost any woman’s wardrobe in Bali. This is due to the Bali kaftans versatile function help women look formal at their workplace and fashionable at another event.

As Bali kaftans for ladies comes in different styles, you will find some delightful things that need to be pondered upon to help make the right decision. For instance, the event that you are buying the brand new Bali kaftan determines its importance, just like a formal dress will be the best wear for office attire while a far more casual kaftan with minimal batik patterns would fit your sleepwear look. After that, you have to think about a Bali kaftan which is floaty and gives a lot of room to the body shape. And finally, consider your color preferences for your Bali kaftans to suit your mood. Some colors are best when in a certain mood but that subject deserves a one hour lecture altogether.

Here is a Bali kaftan from our Bali kaftans collection in kaftansale's online catalog:

bali kaftans

Bali kaftans measurements and details:

Bust 172 cm / 68 inches

Waist 172 cm / 68 inches

Hip 172 cm / 68 inches

Length 140 cm / 55" from neck to bottom.

Note: As with all hand drawn batik products, slight colour smearing might occur.

Recommend wash Bali kaftans with cold water the first few times. Afterwards, you can use the washing machine.


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